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Central Heating Servicing in Witney | A Brief Guide to Solar Panels


Homeowners in Witney are recommended to schedule central heating servicing at their property to check the condition of their heating system at least every 12 months. In the meantime, our plumbers and engineers can carry out boiler repairs on gas and oil appliances, including replacing broken or worn parts and cleaning boilers with an excess of limescale. If you’re experiencing continued issues with an old system, such as waiting long periods for hot water or experiencing intermittent power failures, your boiler may be at the end of its lifespan.


At Steve Cross Plumbing & Heating Ltd, our kitchen fitters and bathroom fitters specialise in brand-new energy-saving boilers and solar hot water heating panels.


You Need Accredited Personnel


The best thing about hiring Gas Safe registered plumbers is that you can expect a risk-free service that emphasises safety and quality above all. Unlike someone without Gas Safe registration, an approved member must deliver the proper work to keep your family safe.


When you combine this with our reputation as local plumbers, we deliver a premier service that not only provides new kitchen and bathroom designs – but keeps your home in the Witney area free from gas and water leaks.

Solar Heating Explained


Solar hot water systems are environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient solutions for heating homes in Witney and the surrounding areas, by converting the free sunlight into heat. Antifreeze is heated in the connecting pipes, which flows to a hot water cylinder to provide renewable heat for your home.


At Steve Cross Plumbing & Heating Ltd, our Gas Safe registered plumbers (8189) and engineers are accredited Worcester Bosch installers for boilers and solar hot water systems, which includes maintenance and boiler repairs.


  • Solar panels or collectors can convert direct and diffused sunlight into heat energy
  • Traditional gas boilers and heat pumps are compatible with solar heating systems
  • Boilers are used less during warmer months, which improves their lifespan and the likelihood of boiler repairs needed – annual central heating servicing is still advised
  • This renewable source of energy offers Witney homeowners Renewable Heating Incentives (RHI), which reduces energy bills


If you need boiler repairs, central heating servicing or maintenance work, you can rely on Steve Cross Plumbing & Heating Ltd. Our local plumbers pride themselves on welcoming clients from all walks of life, and as Gas Safe registered plumbers, deliver the gold standard of workmanship no matter the scale of the job.


Guide to Solar Hot Water Systems



If your Witney home is a listed building or situated on a heritage site, planning permission isn’t required for our kitchen fitters and bathroom fitters to install the solar panels, also known as solar collectors. We recommend confirming this with the local council before any installations take place. As part of our turnkey service for designing and fitting new kitchen and bathroom suites, our project management team will help Witney clients to contact the local authorities.



The Energy Saving Trust advises that solar hot water systems can provide up to 60% of the hot water you’ll use in a 12-month period, lowering your energy bills. Choosing a solar hot water system will also reduce your carbon footprint in addition to saving you money. Boilers will be required for heating your Witney home during the colder months. However, our plumbers, kitchen fitters and bathroom fitters are approved to install Worcester Bosch products, including their range of energy-saving boilers and solar heating systems. We are trained to undertake boiler repairs and central heating servicing, keeping your property sufficiently heated all year round!



It is ideal if your Witney home is a south-facing property, which captures more sunlight to be converted into energy over longer periods.  However, the solar panels or collectors will be effective for properties with flatter roofs, which can harness the sunlight from both easterly and westerly directions. Our plumbers, bathroom fitters and kitchen fitters are proficient at installing solar panels at any style property, following an initial survey and site visit.



• Worcester Bosch’s Greenskies range of solar heating systems are easy to install, lightweight models, which require little maintenance

• Witney clients can rely on our plumbers and engineers to carrying out boiler repairs and central heating servicing when needed

• Main costs for solar heating systems are related to the running of the pump, which circulates the antifreeze (or glycol fluid) flowing between the panels to the hot water cylinder

• Pumps are only powered when the panels or collectors reach temperatures of 8 degrees or higher than the temperature of the cylinder

• Properties in Witney with traditional boilers and central heating systems will benefit from a cheap and compatible installation

• Initial costs for installations and connections completed by our plumbers, bathroom fitters and kitchen fitters depend on how the panels are fitted: on walls, roofs or fitted into the roof plane


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For more information about how solar panels will improve the results of central heating servicing at properties in Witney and the surrounding areas, call 01865 841 911.