Wet Rooms in Kidlington & Across Oxfordshire

Steve Cross Wet Rooms takes great pride in our reputation as locally trusted wet room specialists for the Oxfordshire area. As an increasing number of homeowners turn to the multiple benefits of wet rooms, they also need wet room installers they can trust for outstanding customers service and stunning results. Our highly-skilled team utilises more than three decades of trade and industry experience to provide exactly this. From wet room design to the handing over of the final installation, we cater our service to meet any requirements our clients might have. From a level-access wet room shower to underfloor heating, we always find the ideal solution.

Operating out of Kidlington, we undertake work as wet room installers in Abingdon, Banbury, Bicester, Oxford, Witney and the surrounding areas. Wherever our clients may be located, we offer complete project management from start to finish with the keen attention to detail that every home deserves.

Can My Property Have a Wet Room?

Absolutely! Wet rooms are nothing more than a bathroom that has been made watertight. Any water used throughout the room simply runs into a single drain installed in the centre of the room.

Below, we have taken a closer look at the essential steps we take to transform existing bathrooms into wet rooms.

Room Survey – The first step we take as wet room installers involves surveying your current bathroom to ascertain the dimensions and available space. This gives us a firmer grasp on what is and isn’t possible

Discussing Concepts - We sit down with our clients in Kidlington and the surrounding areas in order listen to the visions for their dream wet rooms. From tile materials to thermostatic wet room shower options, we gain as deep an insight as possible

Wet Room Design – With these concepts in mind, we produce wet room designs that bring dreams a step closer to reality. With our clients input at the forefront of all plans, we offer truly bespoke wet room solutions

Installation – If accepted, we then order in premium-quality materials in line with set budgets and begin the installation process on the agreed upon date. Our wet room installers begin this phase of the process by removing the old bathroom materials and components before responsibly disposing of them

To schedule an initial consultation and site survey of your property in Kidlington, Abingdon, Banbury, Bicester, Oxford, Witney or any of the neighbouring areas, please contact us.

The Benefits of Wet Rooms

From their added safety and convenience to an affordable touch of luxury, wet rooms offer an array of benefits. We have outlined some of the more popular ones below.

Completely Waterproof – As wet room installers, Steve Cross Wet Rooms follows an installation that offers complete waterproofing, thus ensuring no water seeps through to the walls or flooring behind and beneath the tiles. Two key components in this process involve a former and tanking system.

While the former acts much like a shower tray beneath the tiled floor, aiding in the draining away of water through an in-built gradient, the latter is a waterproofing layer in the form of a membrane or paint-on material. With waterproof tiles, tiling adhesive and grout laid on top of this, wet rooms in Kidlington and across Oxfordshire have optimal waterproof qualities, allowing us to install them on any floor of a property.

Flexible Designs – We tailor each wet room design to the unique tastes of our clients. From specific wet room shower options to the installation of a shower screen, we offer the flexibility needed to bring concepts to life. We also use our own experience to truly maximise the benefits of wet rooms including the use of light coloured tiles in smaller rooms to create a sense of additional space.

Safe & Convenient – A key priority in the wet room designs we create remains level access throughout. This holds particularly true for the wet room shower. With no steps or lips to contend with, our clients can pass in and out of the shower, and around the room as a whole, without the danger of absentmindedly tripping. Our elderly and less able clients in Kidlington and across Oxfordshire greatly appreciate this feature. With non-slip tiles also installed, we achieve optimal safety.

To talk over options for wet rooms in Kidlington and the wider Oxfordshire area, call 01865 841 911.