When it comes to designing a new bathroom or kitchen for your Kidlington home, domestic clients can rely on the experienced team of designers, bathroom fitters and kitchen fitters at Steve Cross Plumbing & Heating Ltd. We understand that it can be daunting to organise any home improvement project, which is why we offer a full project management service. This includes remodelling and planning advice from our architects and builders, in addition to plumbers and engineers for any boiler repairs or central heating servicing needs.

Concept Stage


Firstly, the designers will arrange to meet at your Kidlington home to discuss the bathroom or kitchen design concept. This will include a survey of the bathroom or kitchen space clients want to have remodelled. Specific requirements will be considered for architects, plumbers, electricians, builders, bathroom fitters and kitchen fitters.


  • Agree to a maximum budget and timeframes for tear-outs and remodelling
  • Decide on styles, including colour schemes, furnishing (such as lighting, tiles, countertops, flooring) and appliances for your Kidlington home
  • Put together a preliminary floor plan with accurate room dimensions
  • Approve final plan for appliances and interior designs, involving new windows, flooring, lighting, electrical and water drainage systems, which will be reviewed by our building contractors, plumbers, electricians, bathroom fitters and kitchen fitters
  • Discuss the condition of current heating systems, such as recent boiler repairs and central heating servicing, for potential upgrades to heat your brand-new kitchen or bathroom suite




Domestic clients in Kidlington will value the benefits of our turnkey, project management service. Due to the different aspects of construction and installation work outlined in the initial design plans, our team will organise the following:


  • Place orders for remodelling equipment and construction materials
  • Handle deliveries which have already been approved by the client
  • Arrange a fully-qualified workforce, including plumbers, electricians, bathroom fitters and kitchen fitters


We advise that homeowners in Kidlington should sort out temporary accommodation or access to bathroom and kitchen facilities during the installation process. This is also recommended if you are having any extensive boiler repairs, central heating servicing or new heating systems installed, as part of our wide-range of services.


Construction and Installation


  • We’ll remove old countertops, cabinets and flooring, in addition to appliances and other electrical, lighting and plumbing installations that need to be upgraded by our plumbers, electricians, bathroom fitters and kitchen fitters
  • Bathroom or kitchen cabinets will be installed, which can take up to 2 weeks
  • Kidlington clients can check to see the first installations to ensure their requirements are met
  • Bathroom fitters and kitchen fitters will install flooring, counters and tiles, followed by ovens, sinks, baths showers, dishwashers, refrigerators and other appliances, which will be connected by plumbers and electricians
  • Finishes will be applied to the cabinets, counter tops and flooring, in addition to fitting the lighting and electrical fixtures


Final Inspections


  • Ensure electrical appliances and drainage systems are working properly, with checks carried out by skilled plumbers and electricians
  • Confirm all building and installation work meets UK Building Regulations
  • Undertake any boiler repairs or central heating servicing for existing systems and inspect recent upgrades

If you need planning advice from designers, bathroom fitters and kitchen fitters for remodelling work in Kidlington and the surrounding areas, call 01865 841 911.