Fully Qualified Plumbers in Headington and the Surrounding Areas | Information About Our Central Heating and Boiler Repairs Service

If you encounter a problem with your gas or oil boiler or you’re planning to renovate, it’s likely that you will require the expertise of plumbers at your home in Headington. In addition to being approved Worcester Bosch installers, we are skilled at boiler repairs and maintenance work for the servicing of central heating systems. As part of our turnkey management service, plumbers, bathroom fitters, kitchen fitters and engineers will improve your home’s energy-efficiency whilst fulfilling UK Building Regulations.

About Our Gas Safe Registered Plumbers

At Steve Cross Plumbing & Heating Ltd, we take pride in our ability to provide renewable ways to heat the home. From ground source heat pumps courtesy of Worcester Bosch to Air-to-Water pumps from Mitsubishi, our local plumbers can satisfy the energy needs of the most cost-savvy homeowner.

Rest assured, whether you need fast boiler repairs, servicing of central heating systems or renewable heating for reduced energy bills, we will only ever send Gas Safe registered plumbers (8189) to complete your work.

What Do Plumbers Do?

Our versatile plumbers work closely with a team of designers, builders, kitchen fitters, bathroom fitters, electricians and engineers to deliver state-of-the-art turnkey installations in Headington and the surrounding areas. They are also available for call-outs to boiler repairs and servicing of central heating systems.

At our company, we are Gas Safe registered plumbers and endorsed by the Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineering (CIPHE), Office of Fair Trading (OFT) and Buy with Confidence Scheme. The range of duties our plumbers can carry out for Headington clients include the following:

  • Connecting, joining and cutting pipes and fixtures for appliances, such as sinks and showers, installed by bathroom fitters and kitchen fitters
  • Carrying out fault finding techniques for periodic servicing of central heating systems
  • Fitting new water and drainage systems at properties in and around Headington
  • Undertaking maintenance work, including boiler repairs, radiator repairs, central heating cleaning and unblocking drains
  • Installing alternative heating solutions to include fireplaces, Ground Source heat pumps, Air-to-Air heat pumps, Air-to-Water heat pumps and solar hot water systems

You may be surprised to know that not all local plumbers operate to the same, precise standards you might expect. A great way to maximise the care and safety within your home is to look for the Gas Safe badge. This serves as a gold standard and means you can expect Gas Safe registered plumbers to prioritise the safety of your installation, as well as the property itself.

Boiler Repairs and Central Heating Servicing

To prevent your boiler breaking down or from suffering long-term, irrevocable damage, we advise that Headington homeowners should arrange servicing of their central heating systems to be carried out at least once every 12 months. This is a service that is also recommended by major-brand manufacturers, including Worcester Bosch. The annual servicing of central heating systems will reduce the likelihood of costly boiler repairs or replacements that can occur if left unchecked.

For brand-new heating systems, we will recommend energy-saving boilers, including Worcester Bosch’s reliable range of Greenstar boilers or Greenskies solar panels, which can be installed by our plumbers, kitchen fitters and bathroom fitters at your Headington home. These will improve your energy consumption and require less upkeep when it comes to boiler repairs and servicing of central heating systems.

Our Gas Safe registered plumbers will inspect the heating system as soon as the bathroom fitters and kitchen fitters are done. Depending on the model of your boiler, Headington clients can trust us to undertake boiler repairs and servicing of central heating systems, covered by our own 5 to 8-year guarantee.

If there is a problem with your boiler, we strongly advise that only Gas Safe registered plumbers or engineers carry out boiler repairs or servicing of central heating systems, which include the following:

  • Testing appliance controls and inspecting the gas pressure
  • Carrying out a flue combustion test to detect any carbon monoxide emissions
  • Check boilers for broken or worn components, leaks and corrosion, in addition to checking the condition of the ventilation and appliance connections
  • Clean the boiler, including the burner, heat exchanger and flue, with flush cleaning techniques

Once inspections and boiler repairs have been made, our plumbers and engineers issue a Gas Safety Report, outlining the checks that have been carried out and the work that has been completed. Anything needing to be actioned, such as installing a carbon monoxide detector if one isn’t present, will be followed up during the next central heating servicing appointment.

A Trusted Service From Your Local Plumbers

If your central heating system requires a service, or you need a new boiler or renewable heating, it can be difficult to know which firm to choose within the Headington area. To make this process a little bit easier, our local plumbers hold the right approval, with full Gas Safe membership. This means that you will always receive Gas Safe registered plumbers for any necessary heating work that we at Steve Cross Plumbing & Heating Ltd carry out.

By calling our accredited local plumbers, you can expect a stress-free experience. Of course, you’re always welcome to ask our Gas Safe registered plumbers about their qualifications or even how they can improve the energy efficiency of your home.

If you require expert plumbers for annual servicing of central heating systems or boiler repairs at your home in Headington, call 01865 841 911.