Bathroom Fitters and Kitchen Fitters in Banbury | Different Fireplaces Explained

There are many ways to enhance your Banbury property. As part of a brand-new kitchen or bathroom concept, one enhancement might be to include a fireplace installation. You may wish to incorporate practical and ambient heating systems into your home project and our designers, plumbers, kitchen fitters and bathroom fitters can install wood, gas or ethanol-burning models of your choosing. With our added experience in boiler repairs and servicing of central heating systems, we can ensure your entire property is not only heated but energy-efficient too.

Before we look at the different types of fireplace, we’d like to mention the need for Gas Safe registered plumbers. By law, only a member of the Gas Safe register can fit and install a new gas fireplace. For this reason, our local plumbers will arrive with the required identification for your peace of mind.

We believe that hard work, attention to detail and professional care makes us the perfect choice of kitchen fitters and local plumbers in the Banbury area. Please speak with us if you would like to learn more about the services that our Gas Safe registered plumbers (8189) can provide.

Different Kinds of Fireplaces


  • Open hearths are traditionally made of brick or stone. This style provides an authentic fireplace aesthetic for homes in Banbury which already have a fireplace. If clients want to install one as part of an open-plan kitchen-lounge design, this will be a bigger construction job carried out by our builders and kitchen fitters to include proper venting.
  • Enclosed style fireplaces are presented in a glass case, which helps to retain the heat. Enclosed fireplaces can be more energy-efficient to heat up your Banbury home as less heat will escape through the chimney.
  • Banbury clients may wish to convert an unused hearth into a source of heating, which can be done using fireplace inserts that fit into existing fireplaces

Our plumbers and engineers can fix any issues with fireplaces, as well as carry out boiler repairs and central heating servicing for main heating systems.


Gas fireplaces are a clean and cost-efficient way to heat your property and can be included in a range of home improvement designs. Requiring little construction, gas fireplaces and can be installed by our kitchen fitters and bathroom fitters. As well as installing fireplaces, our Gas Safe engineers and plumbers can carry out boiler repairs and servicing of central heating systems throughout your Banbury home.

  • Direct-vented fireplaces can be vented through an existing or brand-new chimney, however, Banbury clients can choose a simple pipe connection for an easier installation. This will reduce the construction timeframe of the work that will be carried out by our kitchen fitters and bathroom fitters.

If you have any questions about gas burning fireplaces, please feel free to speak with our Gas Safe registered plumbers. Not only do we work to a continuously high standard for your safety, but as distinctly local plumbers, we also understand the importance of clear answers to your questions.


Ethanol burning fireplaces are clean, odourless and environmentally friendly and, due to their stylish appearance, are popular in contemporary designs. Their aesthetic qualities make them a versatile choice for Banbury clients to add to open-plan kitchens and modern bathrooms, that can be installed by our plumbers, kitchen fitters and bathroom fitters.

  • Ethanol conversions are inserts which can be easily inserted into existing fireplace hearths and come in a range of traditional and contemporary styles to match your home décor.
  • Wall-mounted models are fireplaces that are suspended from the wall and can be installed by our plumbers, bathroom fitters and kitchen fitters. These enhance the practical element of heating giving striking aesthetic value.

Energy-Efficient Heating

Fireplaces and gas or electric heaters are great ways to heat older properties in Banbury. Our team is also experienced with installing other alternative heating solutions which are environmentally friendly too. Worcester Bosch’s Greenskies solar hot water systems can be compatible with traditional heating systems, helping to reduce your carbon footprint and as part of our superior customer service, we’ll maintain its energy efficiency with boiler repairs and servicing of central heating systems.

Gas Safe Registered Plumbers – As always, each member of the team comes with the yellow badge as recognition of their skill. Never trust an engineer without this accreditation, as their skills may prove limited and can, in the long run, prove costly. Here at Steve Cross Plumbing & Heating Ltd, you receive quality work every time, from talented Gas Safe registered plumbers who continue to lend their skills to homeowners within the community.

Your Local Plumbers – As trusted, local plumbers working across the region, we are happy to discuss any aspect of your boiler or fireplace. We don’t just perform the work and leave you to it. Our team appreciates that you might need some professional advice and information and are on hand to help with your heating or plumbing needs.

For stylish fireplaces installed by our bathroom fitters and kitchen fitters in Banbury and the surrounding areas, call 01865 841 911.