The team at Steve Cross Plumbing & Heating Ltd are trained to install a wide-range of boilers and heating systems at properties in Thame and the surrounding areas. Once the kitchen fitters and bathroom fitters have installed a brand-new appliance, domestic clients can rely on expert plumbers and engineers to handle any boiler repairs and central heating servicing, covered by our own company guarantee. As approved by Worcester Bosch, homeowners can be assured that the different heating systems we install are maintained to a high standard of quality.

Electric Central Heating


If you are renovating your Thame home, electric heating is a popular way to upgrade your current heating system. Our bathroom fitters and kitchen fitters can easily install compact, portable electric heaters in contemporary kitchen and bathroom suites, which is a major benefit for heating properties in Thame which are not connected to the gas grid.


Electric boilers and heaters require little maintenance for boiler repairs due to their intelligent heating controls, which means the cost of upkeep is low and central heating servicing is typically reserved for annual inspections.


Gas Central Heating


Our team of plumbers, kitchen fitters and bathroom fitters are approved to install Worcester Bosch products at homes in Thame and the surrounding areas, including a variety of energy-saving, gas-fuelled boilers.



Combi boilers provide hot water and central heating, which can be incorporated into any home design, carried out by expert bathroom fitters, kitchen fitters and plumbers. These compact models are easy to store at homes in Thame which may have limited room. Combi boilers free-up space at your Thame home because the heating process doesn’t require a storage cylinder or a cold-water tank to function.


  • Combi boilers are small, highly efficient to run and reduce energy bills
  • Heating water directly means high-pressure, hot water is readily available for hot taps and showers
  • Gas boilers can easily be inspected by our plumbers and engineers to find any faults and carry out necessary boiler repairs


A cylinder is needed to store hot water for system boilers, although most of the central heating and hot water is operated by the boiler. System boilers don’t take up a lot of room, which allows plumbers, bathroom fitters and kitchen fitters to install them at convenient places around your home, instead of being limited to the loft space.


  • Suited to larger homes in Thame with a higher demand for hot water
  • Simultaneously supplies hot water for taps in kitchens and multiple bathrooms
  • Installations at old and new homes can be undertaken quickly and simply
  • Compatible with solar hot water systems for lower, energy-efficient bills



Regular boilers are common in older Thame properties, which use both cold-water storage tanks and hot water cylinders to manage the central heating water levels. These may require regular boiler repairs and central heating servicing due to age. However, our team of plumbers and engineers can discuss compatible upgrade solutions.


  • Traditional models which benefit homes in Thame with low water pressure
  • Great option for properties with multiple bathrooms, providing constant hot water at the same time
  • Easy for our plumbers to connect regular boilers to solar hot water systems for cheaper, environmentally-friendly heating alternatives

For more information about central heating servicing and heating systems at your home in Thame, call 01865 841 911.