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We take pride in offering alternative, renewable ways to heat homes in Oxford, Kidlington and the rest of the Oxfordshire county. These include Worcester Bosch Ground Source heat pumps, Mitsubishi Air-to-Air and Mitsubishi Air-to-Water heat pumps and energy-saving solar panel installations. Our heating expert engineers, specialising in boiler repairs, central heating servicing, and system upgrades, will visit your property to assess how compatible your existing heating and water systems are for renewable solutions.

Heat Pumps



A Ground Source heat pump (GSHP) uses pipes which are fitted in the garden to absorb the low-grade heat from below the surface. If you require boiler repairs or central heating servicing for a gas or electric heating system, clients in and around the Oxford and Kidlington areas can try GSHPs, which are designed to heat up your water, radiators and underfloor heating pads too.


  • GSHPs mix water and antifreeze in a ground loop pipe below the garden
  • The pump fluid absorbs heat which is converted by a heat exchanger in the pump
  • Heat can be absorbed from the ground throughout the year
  • Worcester Bosch GSHPs heat water to a maximum of 65 degrees centigrade



These act in a similar way to GSHPs, by extracting heat from the air. Air-to-Water heat pumps are ideal homes in Oxford, Kidlington or the surrounding Oxfordshire area.


  • Ground Source, Air-to-Air and Air-to-Water heat pumps reduce CO2 emissions
  • The team at Steve Cross Plumbing & Heating Ltd can design and install pumps to suit properties in Oxford, Bicester, Banbury, Witney, Abingdon, Headington, Carterton, Kidlington, Burford, Thame and the surrounding Oxfordshire areas
  • Heating pumps can operate as single sources of heat or with other systems


The renewable systems with heat pump technology from the Mitsubishi range are cost-effective and require little maintenance.



Solar Panels


The solar hot water or solar thermal systems which we provide extract the sunlight from the panels, which is converted into energy to heat your home in the Oxford, Kidlington or nearby areas. These solar hot water systems are connected to a compatible hot water cylinder, as part of your existing heating system.


The team at Steve Cross Plumbing & Heating Ltd are approved to install Worcester products, including Worcester Greenskies solar heating systems and Greenstar high-efficiency boilers, which are covered for boiler repairs and central heating servicing for up to 8 years.


  • Solar panels can be installed onto pitched or flat roofs, as well as fitted onto your property walls for optimum exposure to the sun
  • Our team will offer advice, survey your property and professionally install solar panels at homes in Oxford, Kidlington or the surrounding areas
  • Solar hot water systems come with a 5-year guarantee and require low maintenance to keep them running
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Renewable Heating Benefits


Once successfully installed, homeowners in Oxford, Kidlington and the local Oxfordshire areas will benefit from government funded Renewable Heating Incentives (RHI), which can dramatically reduce your energy bills up to 60%. The RHI scheme promotes homeowners to become more environmentally-friendly by conserving energy and limiting carbon emissions.  Residents will receive 7-year quarterly payments based the renewable heat energy they produce.


This includes Ground Source, Air-to-Air and Air-to-Water heat pumps, as well as solar hot water systems and environmentally-friendly boilers. Regular central heating servicing will help your heating systems to be energy-efficient, reducing the likelihood of boiler repairs.

For alternative, renewable solutions to central heating servicing at your home in Oxford, Bicester, Kidlington and the surrounding areas, call 01865 841 911.

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