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Ground Source/Air Source Heat Pumps Supplied & Installed

Accredited installers for Mitsubishi Ecodan Heat Pumps.  

We now carry out servicing, repairs and maintenance. 

At Steve Cross we understand that our clients needs and circumstances can vary greatly.
With the new Ground/Air Source Heat Pump technology this is even more evident. It is vitally important that your new system is designed and installed to give maximum efficiency and performance to suit your specific needs.

We at Steve Cross specialize in bespoke heating and hot water solutions tailored for you individual needs.

Please note that the Renewable Heat Incentive is now operating with huge returns on Ground Source and Air Source Heat Pumps.

To give the maximum efficiency and performance and benefits from your new investment we work closely with the UKs number one Ground Source Heat Pump supplier to design a bespoke system especially for you to optimise your new installation the various trades and elements that need to be put together to complete a project can be time consuming and a logistical minefield for anyone attempting to co-ordinate the project themselves.

Why come to Steve Cross?

We can offer a one stop solution for this type of project. We have the knowledge, technical ability and experience to project manage the installation from the ground works including the Bore Holes, Ground Loops, Heat Pumps (Ground/Air) and Hot Water Storage and of course the internal and ongoing plumbing and heating works from Underfloor heating to compliment your Heat Pump or retro fitting to an existing system.  

We are accredited installers for Mitsubishi Ecodan and can offer maintenance , reapir and servicing  for your Heat Pump.

On Going Internal Plumbing

Our bathroom design and installation section can offer you a full service from design to completion along with all your other plumbing needs within the home. (See previous bathrooms and installation testimonials on this web site). Steve Cross is a one stop solution for your entire chosen project from start to finish giving you one contactor for a complete turnkey operation offering smooth running and consistency with your installation.
We offer a fully project managed installation, keeping you informed throughout and dealing with any issues that may crop up during the day to day running of the project. We offer you peace of mind that the works will be carried out professionally and promptly to a high specification that you expect and deserve. See or testimonial page.


Imagine never having to worry about turning your heat controls down to save money. Imagine your home being constantly warm and comfortable. Imagine a heating system that uses renewable energy, requires no maintenance and is completely safe. We can help you achieve this please read on.


There are three main types of heat pump


Ground Source Heat Pumps have a pipe buried in the garden. Within the pipe circulates a glycol/water mix which gently absorbs the heat stored in the ground. This low level heat is concentrated and transferred by the Heat Pump to the wet central heating system within the house. See our testimonial page.


Air Source Heat Pump does not have a ground loop, but instead absorbs the heat from the air. Their advantage no digging required, however they are slightly less efficient and their siting needs to be sensitive due to the small amount of noise from the external fan.


Air to Air Heat Pumps as the name suggests absorbs heat from the air outside and concentrating it to a much higher temperature then moves it inside the house distributing it via the air through a heater or chiller when in air conditioning mode. They are highly efficient and are ideal for small open plan dwellings. The air to air is not a solution for hot water but does give air conditioning during the hot periods.


By adding a unit into your loft you can provide an effective summer comfort cooling. The unit draws hot air from the house, takes heat out and returns the cooled air. The heat is fed into the ground loop via the heat pump and stored in the ground for later use.


The ground works are a vital part of any Ground Source Heat Pump installation. Here at Steve Cross it is our intention to find the best solution at the lowest cost to the client. The options vary depending on the amount of land and budget available.

Ground Loops

Ground loops consist of a series of pipes buried in the ground at a depth of one metre. The ground temperature at this depth is fairly constant between 7 - 13ºC throughout the year. The heat pump uses a ground loop (pipe) with a water water/glycol mix to capture some of this heat. There are two main types and the one to use is dependent on the amount of land available.

Straight Ground Loop

Slinky ground loop

Compact Collectors

The patented compact collector allows a ground loop to be used where space is at a premium. The collectors can be buried flat to reduce the depth of the earth works or vertically to reduce the area needed for the panels

Bore Holes

Bore holes offer a solution where very little land is available. A vertical hole is drilled to a depth of 50 – 80 metres through the rock underneath the garden. The collector pipework is inserted in the hole to the full depth and connected to the heat pump.

Streams Rivers and Lakes

This option also exists to bury a pipe on the bottom of a lake or river to collect the heat.


We have spent a lot of money on this installation but it has proven to be 100% efficient in running the hot water and heating. Steve Cross, Tom and Jack were excellent even when the weather was against them.

Mr Baines - Newbury

As part of a major restoration of a 17th century mill in Oxfordshire, we installed a ground source heat pump and under floor heating with Steve Cross Plumbing in 2012. Just like all the internal plumbing work done to the house, including two bathrooms, the ground source heat pump work was done professionally and fitted  very neatly into an ex-boiler room at the back of the house.  We were absolutely delighted with the installation because it gives a wonderful constant background heat which you hardly notice.  The  house is always warm.  It also provides us with what seems to be an endless supply of hot water.  Since the day the heat pump was commissioned we haven't had to make one alteration to the settings and it has worked flawlessly in the background to our lives. I'm writing this on the day when the snow fell in January 2013 with sub-zero temperatures and you would not know that from inside the house .   Steve Cross plumbing were very timely in their response to our requests and great fun to work with, which is all important with major projects, to reduce the stress.

Ground source heat pumps, although appearing to have a high capital outlay, are a  great value way of heating a  property in the long term, and have great green credentials. With the cost of oil and gas increasing the economics really do work.  It is hard to understand why they are not taken up by many more people and why they are not promoted to a greater extent.
Mike and Sue Penman - Stanford Mill

Regards, Mike

We were looking for a company to fully manage a large renovation including Air Source Heat Pump and heating upgrade.  We found Steve Cross via his web site. As we were living overseas we had to have complete faith that the works would be carried out professionally and on time. After a two hour meeting with Steve at the property I was more than confident in their ability to deliver. The Air Source Heat Pump is amazing and all other works were carried out to and extremely high standard.  We would recommend Steve Cross highly.

Mr Wood - Aston - An Update

Now that we have been here a year I have analysed the economics of the central heating system that you installed with an Air Source Heat Pump. I have run the system for 371 days at 24C throughout (24/7). Total energy cost has been ca. £1450.00 (including standing charge and vat). I have obtained the RHI grant for my Air Source Heat Pump and will receive £231.00 per quarter = £924.00 per annum.  My nett cost of space heating and water heating is thus minus £214.00 per annum.

Michael Wood




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